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Why Choose Us Over Your Bank

Why Mortgage For Less
  • We are Mortgage Specialists
    Bank employees deal with many kind of financial instruments from mortgages to credit cards to financial planning. Mortgage brokers specialize in mortgages only – we are mortgage experts.
  • You get Better Options, and More Convenience
    When dealing with a bank you only deal with one lender at a time. Mortgage brokers deal with many lenders at a time, providing customers with a better choice of mortgage products and services. We can even complete the whole process via web, fax, and telephone, which means you won’t waste countless hours visiting bank branches. Plus, Mortgage for Less completes one credit report that can be used with multiple lenders, which has less impact on your credit score.
  • Mortgage Professionals Work for You
    Mortgage brokers are compensated by the lender from whom they obtain the mortgage and only when your mortgage successfully closes. Wouldn’t an independent mortgage broker work harder than a bank’s salaried employee to make sure you are happy with your mortgage and your mortgage rate and that your mortgage closes effectively?
  • Mortgage for Less Can Get You the Best Rates on Your Mortgage
    We receive daily updates on interest rates and promotions that private borrowers often do not know about. Why not have a professional mortgage consultant do all the research and paperwork to find you the best deal in the Canadian mortgage market at no additional fee to you? You get the lowest rates and save time you would otherwise spend shopping the mortgage market yourself.

    Since we conduct millions of dollars in mortgage transactions with many financial institutions, we also often get extra benefits not available to individual borrowers, such as lower interest rates and faster approvals. These benefits are passed onto you.

  • Does Mortgage for Less charge a fee for the service?
    NO! There is never a fee charged to arrange a mortgage on standard, qualified applications. We have access to many banks and lenders who are looking for your business and will pay our company to bring the business to them, so you don’t pay for the service.

    If clients don’t meet standard mortgage approval guidelines there may be a fee charged, but this will be quoted up front.


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