Switching My Mortgage

What Should I do on my Renewal date?

When you are 90 to 120 days from your renewal date, give Mortgage for Less a call. We'll go over your current mortgage and answer these key questions:

  • Does your current lender provide you the best deal?
  • Does your current lender have the best mortgage features to meet your future needs?
  • Are you looking for a shorter or longer-term mortgage that your current lender isn't offering?
  • Are you thinking of a refinance or selling your house and need some help calculating the figures?

Our mortgage professionals can help guide you through the renewal process to make sure you get the best rates on your mortgage loan.

Monthly Tip

When planning your RRSP contribution, start planning how you can pay your mortgage down at the same time. Many financial experts agree that one of the best financial choices you can make is to pay down your mortgage with the refund you get from your tax return as a result of RRSP contributions.

If you make a $5000 contribution and receive a $2000 refund, putting that refund towards a mortgage pre-payment can save you approximately $10,000 in interest and taxes over time.

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