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In yet another prediction of what is to come with the Canadian Real Estate Market, TD Economists are now predicting that the housing market in this country is...


OTTAWA - Businesses across the country are planning to kick their hiring into high gear over the next year, according to a Bank of Canada survey that found...


Detailed analysis shows a highly segmented market that will see prices drop over time, but preconditions for a market crash don't exist TORONTO, July 7, 2011...


Canada's housing market is in a bubble that's set to burst and prices could plunge by as much as 25 per cent, a major independent research firm...


OTTAWA”Canada™s annual inflation rate jumped to the highest level in eight years last month, rising to 3.7 per cent as big increases in gasoline...


Overall market share for Canada’s mortgage brokers remains steady in 2011 at 23 per cent, although, according to the latest CMHC poll of consumers, they...


OTTAWA — Recent Canadian homebuyers have a "a high level of financial literacy" and many are paying off their mortgages at accelerated rates, according...


Having weathered the recent recession fairly with only a few bumps and bruises, but nothing long-lasting for the housing market, moderation is in the forecast,...


With interest rates expected to rise, nearly four-in-ten Canadians believe that a fixed mortgage rate is the way to go over the next year, a new poll...


Are rising consumer debt loads the Achilles' heel of the Canadian economy?Before we tackle that question, let's back up a few months and revisit the lecture...

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