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A friend of mine bought a condo unit in Toronto just about a year ago.   To says she’s concerned about all of the cranes cluttering up the...


From his office, the chief executive officer of real estate developer Diamondcorp looks south toward the towers of the Toronto skyline. But what Stephen...


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OTTAWA — Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney is defending the way the central bank sets interest rates, noting that it can be used to address a wide...


By KATHRYN MAY February 21, 2012 OTTAWA — The Conservative government could tip Canada into a recession if it reduces federal spending by up to $8...


Mary Gooderham Special to Globe and Mail Update Paying off the mortgage is something most homeowners hope and expect to do by mid-life. But those who started...


Financial Post Staff  Jan 25, 2012 – 1:11 PM ET OTTAWA — Canadian house prices dropped in November for the first time in nearly a year,...


A team of Vancouver mortgage brokers is giving the industry a PR boost, at the same time helping a community get its financial act together for a new reality...


Mortgage rates dropping due to cheap bondsBMO, TD lower some fixed rate offerings to 2.99% By Pete Evans, CBC News A strong international demand for bonds...


Christine Dobby - Financial Post. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. cautioned that Canadians need to be “vigilant” about growing levels of...

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