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Investment Property Mortgage

An investment property mortgage is an essential financing option for borrowers looking to invest in Canadian property. Property can be a lucrative investment option with the accumulating value of a property as a future asset. But one of the main benefits to an investment property mortgage is that a monthly rental income can cover your mortgage payments, allowing you to obtain property that pays for itself while you gain equity on your future asset. 

If you plan and choose you property well enough, like in a thriving low vacancy market such as Toronto, you could possibly obtain a property that generates a  rental income that covers your mortgage repayment and also generates some extra income.

With this generated income you can use it as disposable cash for your lifestyle, but if you're serious about investing in property you can take advantage of the extra cash and increase your mortgage payments or repay a lump sum to pay off your mortgage quicker. The quicker you pay off your investment property mortgage the more money you save on accumulating interest, making for a smarter investment.

How you can use an Investment Property Mortgage

An investment property mortgage can be used for a variety of big financial moves. We can arrange a mortgage lenders in Toronto for a variety of your future goals.

Traditionally an investment property mortgage is used by a borrower to obtain a property for a rental portfolio to gain income and equity. If you're planning on moving to a new home and turning your current home into a rental property we can help you obtain the financing that you need to make it happen. If you're planning on living in your home and renting out a part of your property to tenants, we can help you obtain mortgage financing for home renovations to make it possible.

An investment property mortgage is also used to purchase property for kids, as either property for kids to live in, with the intention to rent after they're done school, if applicable. It can also be property purchased with the intention to rent and gain equity and pass equitable ownership over to your kin when they're of age.

How to qualify for an Investment Property Mortgage

To qualify for an investment property mortgage you'll need a 20% down-payment. You also need a good standing credit history, have evidence of sufficient rental income (either through existing tenancy documents or an opinion of market rent). You need to have a non-rental income that is sufficient to cover the payment of your investment property mortgage.

Required documents for an Investment Property Mortgage


Why is it required?

Important things to note

Income Verification

Why is it required?

Important things to note

Proof of Down Payment

Why is it required?

Important things to note

MLS Listing

Why is it required?

Important things to note

Property Appraisal

Why is it required?

Important things to note


Why is it required?

Important things to note

Current Lease Agreement and/or Opinion of Market Rent

Why is it required?

Important things to note

Signed Purchase and Sale Agreement

Why is it required?

Important things to note

Void Cheque

Why is it required?

Important things to note

Vacation property can make for a good investment

A vacation property like a cottage can be an excellent investment property but with some added benefits. Learn more about investment property loans.

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