Refinance Mortgage Documents Checklist

As an applicant for a refinance mortgage you need to provide a few essential documents. For your convenience we have put together a Refinance Mortgage Documents Checklist

It is important to take note of these in a personal checklist that is customized and applicable to your situation.

Mortgage For Less is a premium mortgage brokerage and has no tolerance for fraud. We’ll be using a variety of methods to do a proper check for fraudulence.



  • You need to provide a copy of your driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued photo ID (but not a Health card).
  • SIN (while not required but helpful)

Why is it a requirement?

Identification is used to verify your identity. While it’s a measure for preventing fraud, it’s essential for us to properly fill out your mortgage application. It’s also a requirement so a lender can provide you with funding.

A basic of the refinance mortgage documents checklist.

Important things to know:

  • All ID text, photos and numbers must be clearly visible


Income Verification

If your income is salary or wages, provide:

  • A recent pay stub showing the pay date, pay amount, your name and the employer’s name.
  • A job letter on a company letterhead detailing your start date, position, guaranteed salary/wages, and a human resources contact name and phone number.

If any of your income comes from a bonus, commissions, overtime, a contract, gratuities or investments:

If your income is through self-employment, provide:

  • The most recent two year’s Notice of Assessments (NOAs) from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Your business license, articles of incorporation, or GST registration number
  • Self-employed applicants may have to show two years of unaudited accountant-prepared financials, depending on the lender and circumstances.

If you earn rental income:

  • Provide a copy of each lease, as well as either:
  • A Canada Revenue Agency T776 Statement of Real Estate Rentals
  • or two years of T1 generals (personal tax returns)
  • or two years of Notice of Assessments (NOAs) form Canada Revenue Agency

If you earn Alimony/Child Support:

  • Provide Notice of Assessments (NOAs) from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • The full separation/support agreement

If on maternity/paternity leave:

  • A job letter on a company letterhead detailing your start date, position, guaranteed salary/wages, and a human resources contact name and phone number.
  • Ensure your job letter shows the return date and salary/income upon return.

Why is it a requirement?

Income verification is required for your application so a lender can verify your ability to manage your mortgage payments. Also provides essential information for us to assess your situation. Most of all helpful information to determine which mortgage product is appropriate for you. This is an essential requirement of the refinance mortgage documents.

Important things to know:

It’s fraud if you falsify and/or exaggerate your income. Fraud for shelter is the most common form of mortgage fraud in Canada. Therefore we won’t tolerate this irresponsible and harmful behaviour.

It is important to be honest and precise with your income so that you aren’t getting a mortgage you can’t manage to afford.


Current Mortgage Statement

A mortgage statement is simply a document prepared by your current lender and provided to you upon request. This document will detail your current mortgage.

Your mortgage statement will show: your information, the current mortgage balance, the current interest rate, amount remaining on both the mortgage term and amortization, your payment amount and includes contact information for your mortgage holder.

It may also provide you with a history of your payment. Your mortgage statement is a cornerstone of the refinance mortgage documents.

Why is it a requirement?

This document is essential for the lender you apply to. As a document it allows a lender to assess your current mortgage and review your management of that mortgage. It’s a key document in a mortgage refinancing application.

Important things to know:

  • Must show your name, property address, balance or original mortgage amount, and payments.


Void Cheque

A void cheque is simply an unusable cheque that details your transit number and account number. It’s essential for a lender to deposit and withdraw funds from your account.

Why is it a requirement?

It’s an essential document that allows a lender to fund your mortgage. Also confirms the funds are in fact deposited to you, the mortgagor. It’s the simplest of the refinance mortgage documents.

Important things to know:

  • Make sure that the cheque you provide is an account in your name, if it isn’t it won’t be a valid document.
  • If you don’t provide a void cheque provided by your banking institution, make sure that you properly void a cheque of your own.
  • It’s highly recommended you get a void cheque from your bank. Can be easily be obtained from their website or physically at a branch location.


You’re done the Refinance Mortgage Documents Checklist!

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