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Mortgage consultation is one of the essential services of mortgage agents, brokers, and brokerages.

We've been doing mortgage consultations for nearly 30 years at Mortgage For Less.

We've helped thousands of Canadians with their mortgage financing needs through professional advice, proficient service, and veteran market navigation.

We can help you get the best mortgage and rate for your financial needs and goals.

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How our mortgage consultation works

Book a consultation with one of our mortgage professionals

Contact us by filling out the above form and book your mortgage consultation today. Our online form is simple, short and easy. We only require the essential information for contacting you about your consultation.

We receive your consultation form

We receive your mortgage consultation for through email. We prepare and provide your file to one of our qualified mortgage professionals. One of our mortgage brokers will be in contact you about your consultation as soon as possible.

We begin the consultation

You begin the mortgage consultation in person and/or through the phone. We have a brief meeting and take notes about your financial situation, needs and goals. You discuss and describe why you need financing and what you're looking for in a mortgage.

We collect required documents and information

There are a variety of required documents to properly submit your application to a lender. At this point we collect required documents and information to proficiently compile and file your application to a lender for approval.

We analyze and assess your information

Using the submitted information you provide, we analyze your financial situation and assess an appropriate mortgage and lender for your financial needs.

We pull one credit report, which can be used for multiple lenders. This saves you from negatively impacting your credit score by pulling many credit reports when shopping around for a lender without a mortgage broker.

We make a calculated decision

We calculate your GDS (Gross Debt Service) and TDS (Total Debt Service) ratios using the financial information you provide. 

We determine the LTV (Loan-to-Value) of the property you wish to mortgage to determine the maximum loan amount that you can be approved for based on the value of the subject property.

Using the calculated GDS, TDS and LTV ratios we figure out which lenders and mortgages you qualify for.

We do your mortgage and rate shopping

Upon determining what you qualify for, we shop for your best lending rate and the most appropriate product for your financial needs and future goals. We save you the hassle and effort of shopping around for a lender. 

Our mortgage professionals navigate the mortgage market for a living, shopping for the best mortgage and rate is second nature.

Because we deal in millions of dollars of mortgages, lenders provide us benefits that we pass unto you to get a competitive rate, better terms on your mortgage and more savings.

We provide you mortgage options

We prepare and provide you with a variety of suitable lenders and the rates that you qualify for. 

We discuss and advise upon your options

One of our mortgage professionals will contact or meet with you to discuss and advise upon a mortgage and lender for your financial needs.

We customize your mortgage

Before submitting your application to a chosen lender we will determine your future financial goals. Considering both your finances and future goals our mortgage professional will customize your mortgage with a variety of prepayment, repayment and borrowing options that suit your financial needs.

We prepare and submit your application to a lender

We prepare your application and optimize it for approval. We submit the completed mortgage application with all your information and documents to a lender and standby for approval.

You get approved for a mortgage

You get approved by the lender for your desired mortgage. The lender sends us a commitment letter. We notify you and begin the process of closing the mortgage deal for funding.

We present you with a borrower disclosure

Upon being approved for mortgage funding and before signing the commitment letter we legally disclose essential information regarding your mortgage.

You sign the provided commitment letter

Supplied by the lender, we provide you with the lender's commitment letter. After reviewing and understanding the legal agreement, you sign and agree to meet and follow the conditions of your mortgage.

Meet the conditions of commitment letter

Before you receive funding you must meet all the conditions of your mortgage agreement. Upon meeting these conditions your loan will be released to you.

Receive your mortgage financing

Your lawyer or one provided by the lender will perform a variety of tasks. Upon completion of the legal requirements and functions the lawyer will contact your lender to confirm funding. The lender will deposit the funds into your lawyer's trust account. Once the conditions of the commitment letter are met the lawyer will disperse the funds appropriately.

Repay your mortgage

Mortgages are essential for big financial steps and your repayment is the key way to get the most value out of your mortgage. If you strategically reduce the principal of your mortgage you can save thousands of dollars over its lifetime.

We offer mortgage repayment strategies

Throughout the repayment of your mortgage we offer a continued service of personal advice and online guides on strategically tackling the principal balance of your mortgage loan.

We provide industry news and rate updates

We provide and maintain a variety of essential and helpful monthly newsletters that inform our subscribers about industry news and lending rate updates. Essential for anyone with a variable rate mortgage.

We offer a continued service of advice

Even after closing, we'll remain on standby to answer and advise on any future mortgage inquiry, question or situation. That's essentially the advantage to having your own mortgage consultant.


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