Self-employed Mortgage Financing

Being Self-Employed is a brave professional feat. As rewarding as it can be, there is so much hard work and time spent.

We're here to make it a breeze with the best rate and mortgage for your financial needs and goals.

Helping Self-employed Mortgage Applicants

Often in the mortgage world a self-employed individual had many obstacles to arrange a preferred mortgage rate. The whole premise was always based on banks requiring volumes of financial statements and tax returns to evaluate and approve self-employed applicants.

That’s no longer an issue with the fact we deal with many banks and lenders, we have more choices for self-employed applicants.

Self-employed Mortgage qualifications

  • Credit rating has to be average to excellent.
  • Down payments can range from 35% for Non CMHC and 10% down with CMHC
  • 1 piece of verification of Self employment i.e. (GST Return, articles of Incorporation, a recent Invoice, a business licence, Business brochure)
  • At least 2 years as a self employed person.
  • Stated Income is allowed – Income Verification Not Required.
  • In some cases need most recent Notice of Assessment to show NO income taxes are owed.
  • Benefits of a Self-employed Mortgage

    Simpler application– You don’t need any detailed financial statements or income verification – so that means less paperwork and less hassle for you.

    Easier approval process – Your approval is based on your personal credit history, not your business history. That makes your approval process straightforward and efficient.

    Variety of mortgages – You may choose from various mortgage products options to get the one that best suits your needs.

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