Bridge Financing Mortgage

What is Bridge Financing or a Bridge Loan?

Bridge Financing also called a bridge loan is used when your purchasing and selling real estate at the same time, however closing dates are not lining up. In this case you need a short-term loan to bridge the gap between the dates.

To qualify for a bridge loan you need to show your lender you have a firm buyer of your real estate property. The Best way to arrange your bridge loan is with the same lender who is doing your main mortgage loan.

Most lenders do not like to go beyond 30 days between your buy and sell dates and your real estate. However, we can find lenders and options that can exceed the 30 day period.

There are various structures and pricing options and best ways to do a bridge loan. Our experience and array of lender choices will get you the best rates and options in the marketplace.

We make getting a bridge loan easy… we take care of it for you!


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