Debt Consolidation Mortgage

In today’s current mortgage market Debt Consolidation is one of the most used strategies to get household debt more manageable. Often it’s used to help people get over a “hump” In someone’s financial road. In many cases people want to pay off their mortgage sooner and find it difficult because they have other consumer debts that are always in the way of doing this. Yes when you have many bill payments it always harder to pay down the mortgage.

Mortgage For Less can show you how to get back on track. When we consolidate your debts into the mortgage the fact that you have only one payment and your monthly bills are now lower it now’s opens up the opportunity for you to see how you can pay down your mortgage sooner. This really works—it’s tough to get your mortgage paid down with the other debts in the way—many clients have improved their financial situation using this strategy… so see how it can work for you too!

See one of our Clients actual Debt Consolidation

Before Debt Consolidation
Existing Mortgage

After Debt Consolidation
New Mortgage

Property Value $650,000 Property Value $650,000
Mortgage Balance $425,000 Mortgage Balance $443,000
Interest Rate 3.0% Interest Rate 2.59%
Mortgage Term 5 year Mortgage Term 5 year
Monthly Payments New Monthly Payments
Credit Cards ($10,000) $300.00 Credit Cards ($0) $0.00
Other Debt ($8,000) $350.00 Other Debt ($0) $0.00
Mortgage Payment $1922.96 Mortgage Payment $2004.40
Total Payments $2572.96 Total Savings $568.56

As this example shows, we were able to refinance their existing mortgage and get our client the money they needed to pay off all debts and lower their monthly expenses. So they saved a total of $568.56 per month and have been able to apply the extra money back on the mortgage each month. With this strategy our clients are now on track in 5 years to pay their mortgage down by approximately $50,000- with this simple debt consolidation… call now and let’s get your mortgage paid off sooner.

Mortgage for Less will guide you through a painless process to get you on the road to a debt free lifestyle.


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