Self-Employed Mortgage

Helping Self Employed Applicants

Often in the mortgage world a self employed person had many obstacles to arrange a preferred mortgage rate.

The whole premise was always based on banks requiring volumes of financial statements and tax returns to evaluate the approvability of self employed applicants.

That’s no longer an issue with the fact we deal with many banks and lenders we have more choices for self employed applicants.

Easy Qualifier Programs for Self Employed

  • Credit rating has to be average to excellent.
  • Down payments can range from 35% for Non CMHC and 10% down with CMHC
  • 1 piece of verification of Self employment via easy to provide documentation. i.e. (GST Return, articles of Incorporation, a recent Invoice, a business licence, Business brochure)
  • At least 2 years as a self employed person.
  • Stated Income is allowed – Income Verification Not Required.
  • In some cases need most recent Notice of Assessment to show NO income taxes are owed.

Key benefits

Simpler application– You don’t need any detailed financial statements or income verification – so that means less paperwork and less hassle for you.

Easier approval process – Your approval is based on your personal credit history, not your business history. That makes your approval process straightforward and efficient.

Variety of mortgages – You may choose from various mortgage products options to get the one that best suits your needs.

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