Chip Reverse Mortgage

What is CHIP Reverse Mortgage?

If you are 55 or older that is the only requirement to qualify for a reverse mortgage.

Its sad but many people own homes in their older years and are equity rich and cash poor. Basically you have to scrimp and scratch just to get by each month in your later years. You could the owner of million dollar home with a ton of equity but you are scrimping and scratching by each month…. does that make any sense??!!

So stop living like that now! Why not have an extra few thousand dollars coming in each month from a reverse mortgage. You make no payments — your house pays you each month. Or instead of a monthly payment to you can arrange a one time lump sum payment to you… maybe you need 50k, 100k, or 300k.

You make no payments as the amount you borrowed gets paid back with the interest to the The Home Equity Bank when you sell your home…its that easy!

The basics of a CHIP REVERSE MORTGAGE for homeowners 55+:

  • No payments are required while the homeowner lives in the home
  • No income or credit qualifications ( you don’t need to be employed)
  • Funds can be received as a lump sum or over time and are tax-free

When you sell your home – that is when the Reverse Mortgage is paid back

  • You are finding you want an extra $500 , 1000 or 2000 or more each month to manage your bills and have a good lifestyle in your later years. Why struggle month to month in the home you want to enjoy into your twilight years when a Reverse Mortgage will easily take that burden away and you don’t need to have income or credit requirements.. you just need equity in your home.
  • Seniors that want to help a family member now vs to waiting until the inheritance stage. You could get a lump sum easily and help your adult children with something now.

Seniors today are living longer, saving less, spending more and carrying more debt than ever before. The CHIP Reverse Mortgage Plan can meet the needs for cash flow by providing you with a long-term alternative with borrowing against your home equity while not having to make any payments to cover the mortgage—this is all settled up when you sell your house.


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